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Welcome to eConcept Sàrl-S

We can provide you with an All-in-one marketing solution for your business.

We started of in 2020 during the pandemics. Sitting together to find a new way of Online Shopping in Luxembourg. 

The bet was on one hand, to make Online Business accessible and affordable to everyone, especially small and medium businesses. And on the other hand make it the most intuitive and simplest customers experience possible.

The three of us had over 20 years of experience in software, internet development, hardware, marketing and coaching, working for different companies.

We bundled forces and founded the eConcept Sàrl-S company a few months later.

Together with a wide network of professionals we can provide you with a complete set of services ranging from simple logo design to a complex e-commerce website and the social media marketing and coaching.


We deliver the products within a pre-defined timeframe.


Our quality of service is of utmost importance!


We are a certified application and hardware provider.

The most modern design and best content is nothing without marketing. For anybody to buy your product he or she needs to know that it exists.

Through our multiple social medias channels we can provide you with the right tools to spread the word. Our marketing techniques are proven to get good result within a certain timeframe.

We can manage your project or provide social media coaching adapted to your needs.

Our social media channels are (but not limited to): Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Get in touch with us to boost your business!

One of the most important factors for the success of a website is the content.

It is not only important to have interesting and good content for the search engine optimisation (SEO) but also for the customer experience.

It is therefore one of our main priorities to do a thorough research and assemble as much information as possible before starting a project.

Awakening the customers needs requires a solid visual attraction but needs to prove itself with quality content.

Together with you we will setup the right content be it text, images or video.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used nowadays for websites worldwide.

After having started more than 20 years ago with pure html scripting, php together with MySQL quickly became the number one language to code websites. Nowadays there are more customer friendly ways to create websites than writing scripts from scratch.

Postnuke started off as fork of phpnuke, later Drupal and Joomla! became quite popular and still are. WordPress initially designed for bloggers has become a complete website solution with all kinds of plugins.

Nowadays more than 30 Mio sites are powered by WordPress, 1.4 Mio by Joomla! and 600K by Drupal.