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QR Code URL Shortener Service

Make it easy for your customer to access your pages. Choose an easy to remember url or shorten a link to a specific page.

You can either use our domain: or use a new custom domain.

Special services linked to QR Link: – Virtual Business Card

Avoid wasting time and money an old fashioned business card. Create a virtual business card accessible via link, QR code and NFC technology.

Replace your hundreds of paper business cards by one plastic card with qr code and near field chip technology. Your customers will be speechless when scanning your QR code or using the NFC feature your their smartphone to get to your vcard!


  • Always accessible via your personal link:
  • Data can be modified without changing the link, QR code or NFC data
  • Impress your customers – Your digital menu

Create your digital menu yourself using our service.

Let your customers scan your QR Code to be able to look through your menu on the own devices.


  • Always up-to-date menu (edit your menu yourself)
  • New technology for your customers
  • Avoid spreading of easily communicable diseases

Qr Code URL Shortener Service

Do you need a short url to your website, eMenu or vCard?